The Mission

Unlocking the full potential in active and retired athletes by providing education for achieving mental balance on and off the court. You are MORE than an athlete!
As a former professional athlete of 18 seasons playing the sport of Basketball, upon retirement I had to deal with the strange feeling that surely this wasn’t all there is to it. It should not...
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The Athlete Life Mentoring programme
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Athlete’s Life

An athlete is a rare blend of both action and mental strength, a combination that presents us all kinds of great qualities which we can apply in whatever field . The biggest asset an athlete has, is what is hidden under the surface. It is what drives that whole force that is important to be known, understood and implemented in all fields of life for optimal success.

This is an Athlete Life Mentoring program, operating through a personalized approach,
taking into consideration the different conditions that apply in every case.
There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL here!

Taking what we have achieved, to shape what will be.


Planet Hotelium

How to combine career and sports
There is a place where those two meet. Where the one completes the other and soon, results start pouring in! Your business thrives and your...
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Responding to the most difficult of challenges and life’s situations
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What is stopping you from achieving your full potential.
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Habits that divert focus.
Are some of your habits stopping you from doing your best everyday? Find out the 7 habits that drain focus.
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How the 4 Squares of Everything work
(simple and applicable to anything, from skills to beliefs) This is a short description of a technique I use with people who are stuck with...
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Why Athletes face hard post-career transitions(and how to do something about it)
Actually in theory, the explanation is quite simple and clear. What is tougher, is the realization and the solution to it, which is where most...
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The Maradona Legacy
There are those people that just leave their mark on life. Somehow almost always, they leave soon, some sooner, some a bit later, but soon....
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Why do we need sports?
It may seem non-vital, or something like a hobby, only for people who have spare time to waste, but the truth is that sports actually...
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