The Mission

To provide support to retired athletes in order to make a smooth transition into life after sports. Helping active athletes achieve and be more every day.
As a former professional athlete of 18 seasons playing the sport of Basketball, upon retirement I had to deal with the strange feeling that surely this wasn’t all there is to it. It should not...
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The Coaching programme
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Leaving a Legacy

An athlete is a rare blend of both action and mental strength, a combination that presents us all kinds of great qualities which we can apply in whatever field . The biggest asset an athlete has, is what is hidden under the surface. It is what drives that whole force that is important to be known, understood and implemented in all fields of life for optimal success.

The program is operating through a personalized approach, taking into consideration the different conditions that apply in every case.
There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL here!

Taking what we have achieved, to shape what will be.

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As a former professional athlete of 18 seasons playing the sport of Basketball, upon retirement I had to deal with the strange feeling that surely this wasn’t all there is to it. It should not be just about bouncing a ball and when the fat lady sings, it’s over like it never existed and you’re left floating in a vacuum. So, I understood that all sports, either professional or recreational, have the power to be carriers of consciousness and provide valuable lessons for living life in a higher mental state. One just has to know how to look deeper to find all these lessons.

Following my retirement, I was wondering what my next chapter would be, a stage most athletes face during the transition.
Suddenly, it hit me! Why not combine my 2 passions – coaching and psychology – and develop something useful? So, Athlete Legacy© was created in order to research and help spread the athletic mentality and it’s benefits but also and mostly, help retired athletes in their transition after sports competition by taking care of their psychological stability. It is a procedure that completes one another.
More knowledge creates more opportunities.

I always say that an athlete is someone who learns to think, act, be, a certain way for 30+ years and then has a whole life ahead to fight not to forget those lessons and procedures.

That is not an easy task.

Following my diploma from the Aristotelian University of Sports Science,after my playing days, I started coaching youth basketball. There I have the opportunity to implement my ideas and test my system. It is great to motivate the new generation and see them making steps in both personal development and as athletes.
Sports has so many lessons to teach and our societies need those lessons today more than ever.

My career led me to get to know people from around the world, meet cultures, travel, see my strenghts, my weaknesses, to overcome existing and imaginative barriers, set goals, achieve and fail, all of which are important processes towards getting to know the Self and living a motivated life.

People must be aware of how useful it is to integrate athletes or at least setup an healthy athletic mindset, into businesses and other fields. But in order for that to be a success, first and foremost, Athletes must be educated about their strengths in life and made aware of their choices beyond the field of play. Sports is a great school for our wellbeing both physically and mentally, so these hard earned lessons must be made available to all.
The Athletic approach to life is one of the few important “tools” we have in order to achieve our personal greatness and live a meaningful life.

Athlete Legacy© aims to create a global network of athletes helping each other and impacting the world around. I think this is possible because we know how to work together and lead by example. This is the age to do it.

Milos Pavlicevic
Founder of