Financial Education

Athlete Legacy is revolutionizing the way that athletes are transitioning into the business world, or getting the knowledge that is needed to make smart financial decisions.
Financial education is what many athletes lack. That is the reason why this tool was created.

Terms such as; investing, business management, sales, dividends, ROI, business model, business volume, may seem frightening in the start. It is only through practice that one becomes familiar and successful in leveraging them.

What we have done in partnership with the Planet Program Academy, is provide the knowledge, the education and a proven way to start your business career away from sports.
Lessons learned here, are the first step to ensuring you get all the fundamentals for thriving in a business ecosystem.
Planet Program has a 20+ years of experience in mentoring aspiring businessmen and networks that now are put to work for You.

Whether you are an active athlete looking at your options beyond the sport, or a retired athlete feeling that there is something in the air that you must grasp, this is designed for you.
Joining is free and there are options to choose from, which suits you best.

What you get is: designing your business future with the help of seasoned professionals, and practical application which can earn you an income should you choose to do so!
Take advantage of this tool today!