Igniting the Athlete’s Fire:The Two Wolves

Yes, feed whichever you choose, but don’t forget the most important aspect of this story; the two wolves are HUNGRY!

This is a story with deep meaning, sure you’ve heard it before, but have you ever stopped and think about what is the key in the whole story, what gives it it’s meaning and doesn’t get enough attention?
Read on…
I will put two different values, the story is known with “Good” and “Evil”, but since this goes out to athletes, I will modify it a bit:

Once, an old Cherokee told his grandson a story. He said, “My son, there’s a battle that goes on inside each of us. It’s a battle between two hungry wolves.”

The first wolf is called “Desire.” It craves success, growth, and achievement. It’s hungry to chase your dreams, overcome challenges, and make a mark on the world. This wolf is the one that fuels your ambition and drive. It makes you go for it. This wolf is the driving force behind an athlete’s journey.

The second wolf is called “Complacency.” It seeks comfort, familiarity, and the easy path. It’s also hungry, but for the safety of the status quo, the comfort of routine, and the avoidance of effort. It stands for avoiding the challenges and hard work that come with pursuing greatness.

The grandson was curious and asked, “Which wolf wins, Grandfather?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

You need to feed them. Why? Because if you don’t, they will eat the next available thing: YOU!
But what many people overlook, is that both wolves are hungry to begin with.

Where do the wolves live? Inside you. So that means they are your soul. They are what lies in you.
It all starts with your initial hunger and desire. You must want it in your heart and soul. You must be hungry for success, for growth, for change, for improvement. If not, the other part of yourself takes control and is equally hungry. It is important to also starve complacency by breaking out of the comfort zone and embracing the challenges that come along the way.
Both light and dark are hungry, both want an equal chance to manifest.

Once you have that hunger, the choice to feed the right wolf becomes your daily task. You can choose to nurture your desire, to fuel your passion, and to work tirelessly toward your goals. You can also choose to starve complacency, to push through your comfort zone, and to embrace the challenges.
Tell me, isn’t that what an athlete does every day? Isn’t there always the possibility to NOT do it?
Stay in bed….

Feeding is an important part of the process but remember, it’s not just about which wolf you feed; it’s about feeding the wolf of your ambition and desire from the very beginning. Let your hunger drive you, and then make the conscious choice, every day, to feed the right wolf and go the extra mile to achieve your dreams.
If you’re hungry, then you will strive for food.
Keep the hunger in mind. Fuel it everyday.

When the hunger is gone and no food helps, then you know it is time to retire. But as long as there is hunger, it is your duty to feed it.

Somehow it will make sense which one you should feed.

Two Wolves