Habits that divert focus.

Bad habits can be counterproductive in all aspects of life, for a short period of time and the long run. It doesn’t mean that it has to be something catastrophical; even small things can have a huge negative impact. There is also the possibility we are not conscious of the self-sabotage and all the little details that derail us every day.

So, from the little things that we do every day that divert our focus, I compiled a list of 7 main habits that we can focus on doing less, and the results could surprise us.

1. Less wasted time.
Time spent on Netflix and TV is mostly wasted time. Focus on not starting the day by watching stupid things that just make you waste time and energy and have nothing to offer. Relaxing is not the same as wasting time. Relaxing can be active too, not only laying down or sitting on a couch doing nothing.

2. An unclean environment.
Your environment plays an important role especially when you want to have a laser beam focus. Things cannot be falling apart all around and yet you expect somehow magically that you will find the focus to do it. Clean offices and working areas are key to not divert your focus on less important things.

3. Not setting priorities.
You must know what it is you are striving for today. When the diversion comes along, it is easy to follow it and leave what you’re doing. Only by knowing what you are doing and why, there will be no diversions, you will only be doing those actions that must be done towards your goal.

4. Drinking-Eating habits.
Light eating is a physical focus booster. Also, the quality of the food plays a great role. Adequate breakfast with proteins and a lot of hydration during the day, helps avoiding the sugar spikes that destabilize the whole system, making you crave constantly for snacks. Watch the sugar intake. Alcohol too is a factor of bad mental function.

5. Multitasking is pain.
Trying to multitask is the greatest killer of focus! It is the process that is most opposite of a focused work. When you try to do many things at the same time, you lose time and energy, only to have done some things fairly, instead of one thing in the greatest possible way. Pick the one thing to do and do it like a true artist.

6. Phone.
It could also be in the TV section, but it is different. When undertaking a project, you cannot be constantly interrupted by others telling you of their problems or plans or needs. That will for sure lead you astray from your thing. Keep the phone on mute or somewhere hidden, while you focus on the task. Yes, you can go without checking social media for a couple of hours!

7. Lack of plan.
When you wake up in the morning, you must have a clear plan of what it is to be done and how today. The path to your goal must be visibly laid in front of you with clear steps. Before sleeping the night before, you can make a plan of tomorrow. Control as much of what is up to you as possible. That provides clear focus and motivation.

Habits are important, but they are not the single most important aspect for success.
True, by maintaining positive habits, things get easier in a practical sense. The drive and will go deeper than the habits, but one cannot begin doing a task in a positive way without having habits in place.

Keep in mind those 7 points and try to be conscious when you realize that one or more of them are taking control, minimize them, and then things will “magically” begin to be done!