How the 4 Squares of Everything work

(simple and applicable to anything, from skills to beliefs) This is a short description of a technique I use with people who are stuck with goal setting and other issues.

We all experience some periods of being stuck and de-motivated.
Maybe our bubble has popped and we are floating in the void, looking for our next challenge.
Periods where we are not exactly sure as to what to do next when facing a decision or some crossroad, be it professional or personal.

This is a simple, clear and practical exercise you can do, in order to evaluate what exactly is going on around or inside, and find some solutions.
First of all, ideally you will need to secure a quiet spot so that you can concentrate. Yes, it involves concentration and thinking.
But no other scary dragons, I promise…
The exercise is simple and works as follows. Take a piece of paper of a rather big format. Make a cross down the middle with one line horizontal and the other vertical, creating four boxes two on the right and two on the left. You can use this template if you want to write the subject of the exercise in the middle. A good idea is to archive all the sheets when using this method so you can always go back and see how you did and where you stand. Feedback is king!

Four Square (blank) by EducPrek12 | Teachers Pay Teachers

Now write on the top of the top left square: Desire to …;
write on the top right: Fear of…;
write on the bottom left: Desire not to…;
write on the bottom right: Fear of not….

It goes without saying that you must be sincere in your answers.
For every box, answer these questions;
1.How do I feel about this?
2. Have I experienced this? Any memories?
3. Why do I desire or fear this?
What is the motivation behind this?

Capture all thoughts, memories, ideas and belief systems that come up for you in each square.
Keep what speaks to you as most important and stick with it. Go after what you want, when you have understood why you want it and how you want to achieve it.
Simple but effective and good to keep things in perspective and have it written before your eyes.
Having something written is a different form of commitment.

Good Luck!